Digistan workgroups

A Digistan workgroup consists of at least one email list and zero or more websites including a Digistan ‘microsite’ (on the digistan.domain) and a public site (on a separate domain).

Public workgroups

Participation in these workgroups is open to all qualified individuals on acceptance of the workgroup founder and according to the published workgroup policies.

Foundation workgroups

  • public – the Digistan public forum, for all discussion that is not specifically part of a workgroup. Email list: public@digistan.org


  • o-Metric – a tool to measure the “openness” of a specification. Goal is to define clear benchmark for what ‘open standard’ means. Email list: o-metric@digistan.org — microsite: http://o-metric.digistan.org (pending) — public site: http://www.o-metric.org (pending).
  • o-Base – a collection of all known open standards, ranked by “openness” and categorised by domain. Email list: o-base@digistan.org — microsite: http://o-base.digistan.org (pending) — public site: http://www.o-base.org (pending).

Standards development

  • COSS – the consensus-oriented specification system.

Private workgroups

Participation in these workgroups is by invitation only:

  • cafe – the Digistan members forum. This list is for registered Digistan members at the discretion of the Cafe moderators. Email list: cafe@digistan.org.
  • eboard – the Extended Board of Digistan. This list runs Digistan until a more formal organizational structure is put into place.
  • Domino – a internationalised repackaging of the Netherlands e-government specifications. Goal is to get package that can be reused in many countries. Email list: domino-public@digistan.org.