Gambling Commission Sets Out Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards

How An Online Casino Is Regulated

In the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission has set forth remote technical standards that apply to any operator of an Online Casino. These rules, written by the Gambling Commission, set a technological standard that a mobile casino needs to meet in order to remain open legally. They define rules that govern the digital technology that drives these websites, ensuring that a minimum technological standard is achieved to ensure that all players have a fair chance both at winning the game they are playing, and ensuring that their sensitive personal information is protected.

Some of the items governed by the Gaming Commissions’ Remote Technical Standards (RTS) are:

Customer account information, including details on balances and payouts. This regulation also covers data retention requirements – for example, an online mobile casino is required to maintain customer account information for the past 3 months in an accessible location (such as in the player’s account page), and furthermore the operator needs to be able to publish the last 12 months of a gamer’s activity upon request.

How much gambling costs. For example, the Gaming Commission recommends that the final price of each wager should be prominently placed on the screen, and requires that all information pertinent to the bet is displayed to the player before the wager being placed

How “random” the game services may be. The Gaming Commission requires that any games depending on random chance, such as slots, can generate an “acceptably random” number, and verify these tests to ensure that the actual payouts meet those that are expected by the game’s underlying algorithm

Customer support tools, such as the ability to set gambling limits, and the ability to easily disable auto-play functionality within a game. These tools are intended to help players who may have developed an addiction set restrictions on their gambling.

Company security policy, including technological security, data access rules, and human resource management practices. These protect game data from tampering, as well as protect sensitive player information against hackers and other criminals.

How to manage live betting. This establishes rules and best practices for ensuring that any potential player technical issues do not severely affect the game results and that the live digital event is conducted in a fair and secure manner.

The Gaming Commission regularly work to update these digital standards. The most recent update, for example, added the requirement that customers can set financial limits, as well as further clarifying the need to present the user’s history with the gambling website. These controls provided players with more tools to control their experience, allowing them to set their own limits and obtain a full account of the results of their gaming.

Every company that allows for electronic wagering is required to adhere to these guidelines, as failure to comply can result in either fines or revocation of the company’s gambling license. You can download the Gaming Commission’s RTS document from their website to ensure your favorite digital mobile casino is compliant. It can be found here.

By complying with the Gaming Commission’s Remote Technical Standards, the casino is protecting your data while giving you all the tools you need to maximize your enjoyment of the mobile gambling experience.