EU holds firm on “open standard”, US firms go ballistic

The EU Commission announced on June 25 that EIF/2.0 (The European Interoperability Framework which defines the rules for software used in e-Government) will hold the line as regards patents on standards. The announcement is expected to annoy those who wanted a “broad” definition of open standards that would include patented standards. As expected, the Business Software Alliance […]

Definition of a Free and Open Standard

  The Digital Standards Organization defines free and open standard as follows: A free and open standard is immune to vendor capture at all stages in its life-cycle. Immunity from vendor capture makes it possible to freely use, improve upon, trust, and extend a standard over time. The standard is adopted and will be maintained by a […]

The Hague Declaration

    Adopted and proclaimed by the founders of the Digital Standards Organization in The Hague on 21 May 2008. Whereas almost 60 years ago the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, established in international law these rights and freedoms: Freedom from discrimination by government or law (Article 2, Article 7). Freedom of movement within the borders […]