Digistan Workshop - 20-21st May 2008 - The Hague

This workgroup is for all Digistan participants and members of the public with an interest in Digistan's work. The topics will be weakly technical and rather more focussed on organizational and strategic aspects.

The programme consists of a private session on 20 May at 19h and a public session on 21 May from 9:00 to 16:00. The public session will be at the prestigious Royal Library in the Hague, thanks to kind support from the Internet Society Nederland.


9h00-10h00 - welcome and coffee

10h00-10h30 - keynote speaker: Rishab Ghosh

"An economic basis for open standards": discussions on standards are often bogged down in legal and technical complexities. Rishab Ghosh suggests a return, especially for policy makers, to the economic basis for open standards.

10h30-11h30 - presentation of Digistan strategy and organization

The Digistan founders will lead a round-table discussion of the reasons for starting a new global grass roots open standards organization, the proposed structure of the new organization, and the strategy of its founders. The focus will be on questions such as: why is such a move necessary, how can the strong influence of legacy vendors be counter-balanced, what is the proposed scope of the new organization, how will it be funded and run, what will be its governance structures, etc. Discussion chair: Pieter Hintjens.

11h30-12h00 - signing of Hague Declaration

The Digistan founders and guests will sign the Hague Declaration, which will be issued in four paper copies, two to be kept for archival and two to be auctioned at a later date to raise funds for the work of the organization.

12h00-13h00 - sandwiches and drinks

13h00-15h00 - presentation of Domino project

We will look at the Domino project, which proposes to introduce open standards legislation in governments around the world, based on successful experiences in the Netherlands, Spain, Ecuador, and elsewhere. We will especially welcome input from the participants from the Dutch government who will be present. Discussion chair: tbd.

15h00-15h30 - presentation of Digistan workgroups

We will look very briefly at the following Digistan workgroups, examining their scope and goals: o-Metric, o-Base, WikiGlot, WikiML, CCF.

15h30-16h00 - closing remarks

We invite all participants to make their closing remarks and we close the session.

All participants should please register.

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20 May - 19h00 - private session

Discussion of Digistan strategy & organization. Participation by invitation only.

21 May - 9h00-16h00 - public session

  • Keynote speakers
  • Digistan strategy and organization
  • presentation of Domino project
  • Digistan workgroups

Requests and comments are welcome.

Travel planner

Note that the Belgian railways have planned a strike on Tuesday 20th.

Aula Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE Den Haag


See http://www.kb.nl/hpd/wegwijzer/adres.html. The nearest airport is Schiphol (Amsterdam). Brussels is also an option: return train ticket Brussels-Hague is about 55 Euros, travel time is approx 1.5 hours.

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