The German Parliament Bundestag (Petition committee 29.11. 2007) responded to a petition of A. Spengler for open document standards with more than 5000 supporters.

Der Petitionsausschuss unterstützt daher ausdrücklich die Verwendung so genannter offener Dokumentenstandards. Der Einsatz solcher, lizenzkostenfrei verfügbarer und für jedermann offen gelegter Standards kann nach der zutreffenden Ansicht des BMI ein Mittel zur Lösung des umrissenen Problems der mangelnden Interoperabilität zwischen verschiedenen Dokumentenformaten darstellen.

Thus the petition committee supports explicitly the use of so called open document standards. The use of such Standards which are license-free and laid public for everyone, could in accordance with the supported opinion of the BMI be a means to the solution of the outlined problem of insufficent interoperability between different document formats [?].

The remarks here endorse as two essential characteristics of open document standards

  • licence cost free
  • open accessible specification

which according to Bundestag help to bridge interoperability gaps. The Petition committee indicates that the same view is shared by the Ministry of Interiour, BMI.

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The Digistan definition of a free and open standard is based on the EU's EIF v1 definition of "open standard" with the language cleaned-up and made more explicit. Our analysis of the importance of vendor capture in determining the openness of a standard comes from this analysis.

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